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Cigar Selection
Davidoff Mini Cigarillos
Made from 100% natural tobaccos from Indonesia and the Caribbean.
The attractive Sumatra wrapper leaves are especially selected
for Davidoff. In their elegant white packaging, the Cigarillos attract
smokers thanks to their spicy, aromatic taste.
Davidoff Series 1000
A classy little cigar with an excellent draw. It has flavours of toasted
nuts, vanilla and nutmeg. Full aroma yet mild in body.
Davidoff Millenium Blend Petit Corona
Very well rolled, a stunning draw, very beautiful and consistent
wrapper, complex, earthy cedar, velvety - dense taste, rich, with a
smooth texture of spiciness, which is continuously covering the palate,
increasing in its aroma intensity during smoking: from beginning to
end a perfectly balanced classy little cigar of medium strength that is
outstanding in every aspect of taste.
Davidoff Grand Cru No 3
A well-made cigar. It has floral, herbal and complex spicy notes, with
a faint hint of leather on the finish. Medium – bodied cigar.
Davidoff Grand Cru No 1
This cigar burns well. The creamy flavour is overshadowed by rough
notes. It has herbal, tart highlights.
Davidoff Special R
Perfectly rolled, spicy expressive, densely intertwined, concentrated
taste in
an earthy texture of bitter chocolate, subtly underlined
complexity, increases even more in concentration during the course
of smoking, finely structured in its lasting spicy bite, which is however
flattering the palate with subtly- intertwined aromas, a strong, yet
never overburdening robusto, excellent, in a class of its own.
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