Quarterdeck Menu 2013 - page 3

Trio of dips
Grilled vegetable and ricotta, hummus, black olive tapenade, grilled
pita bread, sesame bread stick, galletti
Medley of toasted French stick
Parma ham, smoked salmon, tapenade, Mozzarella di Bufala, grilled
marinated aubergine
Melted Mozzarella di Bufala with Parma ham
Slices of plum tomato, rocket leaves, set on a crusted toasted bread
Caprese salad
Mozzarella di Bufala on a sliced plum tomato, marinated rocket
salad black olive basil herb salsa
Roulade of grilled aubergine
Spicy salami, hummus dip, crumble of feta cheese, on a toasted
Maltese loaf
Cheese platter
A selection of local and international cheese with cherry tomato,
salad leaves sesame grissini, Maltese galletti, toasted Maltese loaf
Quarterdeck platter
Parma ham with Italian salami with local and international cheese,
tapenade dip, marinated rocket, Greek olives, cherry tomato, galletti
grissini and hot ftira
Prices are inclusive of VAT.
For guests with special dietary requirements or allergies
who may wish to know about food ingredients used, please ask for the Manager.
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