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From the grill
Corn fed chicken breast
300grm 23.50
Fresh Angus sirloin of beef
350grm 26.00
Fresh Angus rib-eye of beef
350grm 27.00
Grilled fillet of Angus beef
All dished are served with spicy roasted new
potato, carrot pureé, roasted local vegetables, jus
Satisfy your palate with one of our fresh meat dishes, which may be cooked to your
desired requirements. All the above meats are sourced from local and international
suppliers according to availability and are served with spicy roasted new potatoes,
carrot pureé and roasted vegetables.   
Side Dishes
Mixed salad leaves
Marinated rocket salad leaves
Hilton style French fries
Garlic roasted potato
Cherry tomato with basil oil
Blue (Extra Rare): Very red and cool interior
Rare: Red interior and soft meat
Medium Rare: Lighter red center and slightly firmer
Medium: Pink interior and firm meat
Medium Well: Just a hint of pink
Well Done: Grey-Brown throughout, very firm
Please note that all food is freshly prepared . If you have any time restrains kindly advise your server .
If you have any food allergies or require further information about ingredients used please let us know .
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