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Chilled Antipasti
We start with an experience of different tastes and textures created in our
medley of both simple and creative starters. Delicate crisp salad, an
assortment of marinated vegetables, various seafood, shellfish and meat will
compliment the flavours of homemade terrines, compound salads and cured
fish delicacies variety of flavoured oils and dressings prepared
to enhance your selection
Mushroom cappuccino with coconut cream, dried wild mushroom
Pumpkin veloute with strips of smoked salmon
! !
Porcini fiochetti with peas, rocket leaves, cherry tomato with a fine olive oil
Baked gnocchi with a veal ragout, fried chicken liver, baby spinach
gratinated with Parmesan cheese
Chicken risotto with fried aubergine, diced chorizo sausage
! !
Main course
Pan seared salmon on a braised shallot, green peas, coriander lemon dressing
Roasted grouper dusted with curry, fava beans, cherry tomato basil salsa
Pan-fried escalope of veal crusted with egg herb and Parmesan cheese,
roasted herb artichoke, fried sage, lemon segments,
Pan-fried chicken breast wrapped with bacon with char grilled mediterranean
vegetable roasted garlic
Dad deserves the
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